Computers that do not have file and printer sharing turned on do not appear in the account browse list.
Event Type: Error Event Source: Service Control Manager Event Category: None Event ID: 7024 Description: The Netlogon service terminated with service-specific error 2114.
If you use IPX, manually set the internal network number and specify Manual Frame account Type Detection for the properties of event the NWLink IPX/SPX Compatible Transport.If you have two NICs logon on this server, disable one of them or point all NICs to the internal DNS.After you establish the connection and you try to map the network drives, the operation may be unsuccessful, and you may receive the following error message: "System Error: (1311) There are currently no logon logon servers available to service the logon request.".Here is logon the error: Its interesting that the Source Network Address is the Link-local IPv6 address.Security, Security(Logon/Logoff) The workstation was unlocked.This may eliminate the error messages or only lessen the frequency of the errors.Cause: This update helps resolve an issue on computers running Windows XP Service Pack.If all XP computers have the same problem, check the DNS server settings; if only a few xp computers have this problem, make sure they have correct DNS settings.Security, Security(Logon/Logoff) A replay attack was detected. With the launch of Vista many security event IDs changed, for most security events: VistaEventId PreVistaEventId 4096 The relationship between old and new IDs is not entirely 1:1 (you will notice some duplicate numbers in the table above.) It is possible to view event event logs.
Event ID 2022: "The server was unable to find a free connection 4 times logon in the last 60 seconds".
Security, Security 521 - Unable to log events to security log.

2) Make sure File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft seven Networks is enabled on the interface.Event ID internet 1053, userenv, symptoms: your w2k/xp clients may receive this Event ID 1053.Delete the dhcp on the router internet if you have two dhcp, one on the router and another one on your MS server.Logon Types - Windows Logon types.In Process Monitor: Now that audio we know that the event has.System, Service Control Manager game The everyday nnn service was successfully sent a start/Stop control.If the server is running ISA, it is better to use maker ISA instead of rras.System, EventLog, The event log was started.Technet - Event Log Policy Settings (Size/Retention) Copyright m Some rights reserved.You may try rarepair.I realized that the times matched the times that my monitoring software checks in, but exactly which component is causing the error? Refer to MS Q106167 and Q177078 for more details.
Your computer is a master browser.

Security, user The process nnn has initiated account logon event id 2008 the restart of computer.
IPv6 is installed on the machine and it is set to obtain an address automatically but there is no IPv6 dhcp server on the network.