audiotrak maya 5.1 mk-ii pos

I don*t think the mk-ii card itself could be making any mk-ii use of them, it audiotrak is purely the audiotrak driver that would look at these values to audiotrak control things like (possibly) enabling QSound.
Pbclk - 78 - bit clock.Spsclk S/pdif Serial Bit Clock out - 110 (bit clock).Of the "don*t change" bits of the config file thatwasposted, the ones that it seems to change from what maya comes ontheAV-710 are the PCI subsystem vendor/device IDs (so it will looklike a Maya card) as well as byte 1 of the spdifconfiguration(this seems to tell.Messing with these will likely cause some of the DACs not to work (like the problems some have had with the high sample rate output after eeprom changes).Byte 10: gpio Direction, byte 11: gpio Direction 1, byte 12: gpio Direction.Spsync S/pdif Frame Sync.Does the currently posted config file result in the high sample rate output being screwed up, or not?Byte 9: spdif configuration byte - gets written tothecorresponding card register mk-ii by the driver.The Linux driver does not use these for anything, so changing these seems unlikely to break the basic card operation.Presumably the Wolfson codec for the high sample rate output).Controls the connection to the I2S codec (i.e.Spmclkout S/pdif Master Clock Output out 128x - 112.Byte 13: gpio Mask, byte 14: gpio Mask 1, byte 15: gpio Mask. The VT1616 used for the front, rear, center/LFE outputs).
Byte 6: System configuration byte - gets written to the corresponding card register by the driver.
I don*t know where any of these bytes maya may be documented however.

Bytes 4-5 dragon should likely not be modified either.Byte 7: ACLink configuration byte - gets written to the material corresponding card register by the driver.Byte 5: eeprom version (seems to be supposed to be1 for ICE1712 marissa (Envy24) and 2 forICE1724 (Envy24HT but seems like it*s usually set study to 1even on fico Envy24HT.).Controls the connection to the AC97 codec (i.e.If not, then maybe restoring bytes 0-18 of the eeprom to the original values on the AV-710 will allow the QSound to work without such side effects.Controls the spdif transmitter.This means the interesting part as fico far as any QSound settings program is likely bytes 19-31 (or as in the i file in hex, bytes 13-1F). These control the routing and settings of various signal lines which depend on how the card is physically wired.
Spdtx A, windows PU S/pdif IEC958 Line Driver -.

Spmclki/pdif Master Clock Input.
From this I can conclude: -Bytes 0-3 should not be modified from what came audiotrak maya 5.1 mk-ii pos on the card, unless you want to change it to be recognized as a different brand of Envy24HT card.
Psync - 72 - canel select.