In the user event of the user housing flooding within the period of warranty, 10 BAR will repair or replace the housing.
TheO-ringshould be replaced at the service interval (see section on service).
No chemical cleaners should be used.
If the housing is required to user be opened between dives for changing memory card orre-chargingbatteries, make sure the outside of the housing is (Fig.This provides a passage for the air to pass though and eliminate the pressure different between the inside user of the housing and the ambient.Testing has shown that this arrangement allow canon the water to exert an even pressure on the O-ring, Increase the reliability of the watertight seal.There is no user need to excessively tighten this plug.Note other types of silicone grease specifically for use with underwater camera equipment can usually also be used.It is an effective barrier only if the seal is properly maintained.Flex Arm, ball Join Arm, synchronous Cord.Accessories 400D Opening key / Lever, silicone O-ringgrease, spare main O-ring.The seal is made by eO-ringon the underside of the plug is just to keep out dirt.Tel: (852) Fax: (852).M Please keep this document for future reference (Note: due to continuous improvement the latest model housing may differ slightly form those described in this document) (Copy to be returned to 10 Bar Underwater Housings).The user O-ringseal is the main barrier between the water outside and the air space within the camera.Wear the wrist strap; it is easy to inadvertently let go of the housing, especially if you are distracted.Polycarbonate was selected for its outstanding strength stiffness, hardness and toughness.To overcome the friction of opening, use lever (Fig. Set up Instructions.1 Air Lock: The body and lid are designed with the Air Lock System no clip closure arrangement.
Zoom control dial.

Test Pressure 10 Bar (300.) Housings are individually tested.Each housing software body is manual first installation injection molded, and then machined to configure to individual camera model.Follow this line all the canon way round the edge windows of the seal, as a final check that the seal is good.Use Care of Housing:.1 tiny Pre Dive Function Check.It is advised to carry out the following procedure on a firm clean level surface, (e.g.Flashlight syn bulkhead.Users are highly recommended to carry outin-watertest of the housings without installing of the camera for their first dive manual after change of new ports or alternation august of any new configuration.Hydrostatic pressure test to 10 Bar. Service To ensure the continued performance of your housing, it should be serviced every year, or after every 200 dives.
10 BAR does not accept any liability either implicit or otherwise for any equipment housed inside, or used together with the housing.

Therefore canon 400d user manual pdf in the event of your housing suffering an impact force,.g.
Before diving, make sure the pressure release plug is pushed back inside and then screwed home, do not over tighten this plug (finger tight only).
When transporting by air, please ensure the housing is not sealed, to allow the air pressure to equalize.