civ v balance patch

Allied maritime city states provide 3 food per turn to balance the capital, not 4 * Balance pass on production and maintenance costs throughout patch the game.
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Add a combat weapon parameter that allows for a projectile that is not going to do any damage to have a "miss" radius.City-State Diplomacy Mod by Gazebo Edit Adds new or different ways to interact patch with City States: Civ 4 Diplomacy Features by Putmalk Edit Adds diplomatic features from Civilization IV, such as: patch Vassal States Map and Technology Trading Requesting patch Help Asking Opinions.WIN8 AND ultrabook - Many performance optimizations specifically targeted to Ultrabooks with Intel Core processors with HD Graphics.AI will now consider annexing cities it has conquered.More details on how to install, patch vox Populi.Added missing Polish Dawn of Man audio.O Swap the direction that the CycleRight and CycleLeft buttons move the selection in the cycle list.Better Next Unit selection. Clarify Interfaith Dialog so it mentions that Prophets earn you science too (not just missionaries).
This will force the AI to get patch railroads before getting too deep in the tree.
Will only be notified of election and coup activities if you have met them and (have a spy in the city or are friends with them or have a relationship with them that is above the resting point.) - Added ability to liberate cities that.

Razed games the windows units remaining on the plot drains are allowed to be there.Automated workers that don't have anything to do will not games consume all their movement.O drains games Quick: 50 o Normal: 50 o Epic: 75 o Marathon: 150 - torrent Changed diplomatic globals: o The opinion thresholds have been pushed farther apart.Advanced settings are now persisted across multiple single player games.Engine * Significant turn time improvements.O Three finger tap is escape (from other menus, or simpsons to bring up Main Menu).O Diplomatic intrigue bonuses have been lowered by 1/2, from 20.Switch a number of Great Merchants to Great Admirals. Use this version if you are not using the CBO version of EUI.