The team races to fix and episode respray the damaged panel.
While episode the team assesses the right door, it slams shut when a rescue pipe supporting it falls off, shattering the window in the process.
The team is given four weeks and a budget of 10,000 to bring the Mondial back into shape.While the team carries on with the bodywork and the aftermarket engine, Mario locates the Corvette's original engine and purchases it for CDN750 (roughly 400).Wed 23 Apr, series 2 episode.Various incidents occur as episode a result of Bernie's "traditional" approach, including a fire during some work on the floor panel.The team mends the rusty frame, replaces the brakes and shock absorbers, and does a full engine service.In the first episode, Bernie and Mario have to restore an E-Type in four weeks.Diego, having a background in kitchen design, comes up with a new interior design for the Camper.More videos, catch up TV rescue on Classic Car Rescue.He is also forced to spend an extra CDN1,700 to buy the 302 cid engine from the first find and have it rebuilt to replace the car's dead motor.Mario flies to the DMC factory in Texas to purchase new parts and a refurbished left wing.The duo spot a rusty burgundy 1986 SL on an online auction and Mario buys it for 1,250 before Bernie even finishes assessing.The team races against time to repair the body panel, replace the muffler, and install the restored interior.After the owner shows him a detailed classic report of the car's manufacture history and a reprint rescue of the original factory sticker, as well as proof that the car is the only one to have been fitted with an electric clock, Mario buys it for CDN5,000. 1, each one-hour episode documents the work.
Bernie classic and apprentice Tammy remove the engine for rebuilding before the body is shipped for sodablasting.

In this episode of Classic Car Rescue, no-nonsense, Cockney mechanic, Bernie Fineman, and his partner - bhutto Canadian car dealer, Mario Pacione, fall books out over the tiniest, little thing.Dylan Miles, a valuer from.Because over 80 of all 928s sold in the UK were automatic, the manual version is matix rarer and can fetch more money.In the end, Paul appraises the SL's value at 13,800 - a loss of 350.Catch up on your favorite 7Two TV show: Classic Car Rescue.The classic reader Italian run-around, a Fiat 500.Along with the mechanical and aesthetic restorations, the car is regenerator resprayed from its original white to Signal Red, despite Mario accidentally damaging the right rear wing when he backs the car up and hits an engine. Mario brings in a pair of Porsche leather seats, but as they are motorised and require additional electrical connections, he is forced to buy another rescue set of racing seats.
Episodes edit, series 1 edit, episode, date, car, minecraft description, ratings 1 24 September Jaguar E-Type Series.