counter strike source v61 patch

Installation directions: 1)Install Metamod: Source.
Fixed bug where unloading CS:S DM caused a crash.
Add the following line to cstrike/addons/metamod/i: addons/cssdm/bin/cssdm_mm 6)Restart your server.
4)Configure cstrike/addons/cssdm/g to your liking.Fixed counter and source improved "guns" command.Fixed "scout" mispelling strike in config file.CSS Patch v41 source - v42.exe, cSS Patch v42 - v44.exe, cSS Patch v44 - v45.exe.Counter-Strike: Source.61(Non-Steam) ".Exe version (cstrike exe build: 19:56:24 Apr 25 2011 (4552) (240).Fixed a few register corruption bugs. 3)Make sure patch the cstrike/addons/cssdm/bin folder has patch the binaries, and cstrikeaddons/cssdm/maps patch has the map spawn text files.
2)Upload counter the cssdm folder to cstrike/addons.

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