Organization/Structure/Flow rating: 5 The author had a very clear flow and organization with a desire to integrate ideas as he goes along.
I did not find any grammatical error in the differential book.
I believe that materials from Chapter 1 to Chapter 10, except possibly Chapter 7, should be covered in the elementary course, while the last three chapters could serve as additional reading materials for students.Read more Reviewed by Vicki Sealey, Associate Professor, equation West Virginia elementary University on 6/19/18 Comprehensiveness rating: 5 see less The text adequately covers the topics expected in an introduction to differential equations textbook.I have tried to put myself in the students place, and have chosen to err on the side of too much detail rather than not enough.Each topic is accompanied by several well-chosen examples.Consistency rating: 5 Since I have not read the entire book, I don't feel qualified to answer this definitively, but the chapters that I read carefully and the chapters that I've skimmed seem to be consistent.By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies.Read more, reviewed by John Iskra, Assistant Professor, Emory and Henry College on 4/11/19.I have minimized the number of explicitly stated theorems and def- initions, preferring to deal with concepts in a more conversational way, copiously illustrated by 250 completely worked out examples.Accuracy rating: 5, the book equation was very carefully written.Isbn-10:, iSBN-13:, equation share This: Book Description, written in a clear and accurate language that students can understand, this book minimizes the number of explicitly stated theorems and definitions.My students, and I, have found this book to be both easy to comprehend and interesting. There may equation be some, but they are not glaring.
This book was carefully written.

For example, in chapter 2, the recover author uses language like "y0 is obviously a solution to the homogeneous equation" (page 30).The questions here should have been: How's the math?A comprehensive index is included, and I particularly copy like that laptop page numbers in the index are links to those copy pages in the text.It seems to be quite comparable to other intro maine to ODE books that I've seen yarmouth (ones that students pay a lot of money to use).Accuracy rating: 5 The book is carefully written.Grammatical Errors rating: 3 It's fine. Ebook even has hyperlinks to student solutions manual.
I requirements imagine copy that the rest of the book is as tight.