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Novel/story English title First publication details Plot outline Setting Characters Topshe Jatayu Sidhu Jyatha Feludar Goendagiri Danger in Darjeeling Sandesh, December 1965February 1966 Feluda goes to Darjeeling with Topshe, meets Rajen Babu who gets a life threat in a letter.
Feluda is appointed to investigate.
Kedarnath Yes Yes No Bosepukure book Khunkharapi The Acharya Murder Case Sharadiya Sandesh, 1985 Indra Narayan Acharya, a theatre artist from a rich family gets murdered.
Contents Character english development of Feluda edit Inspiration from Sherlock Holmes edit Feluda is a big admirer of Sherlock Holmes which he mentions multiple times.His Kolkata house had been raided once but he escaped any charges until Feluda caught feluda him red-handed in smuggling an invaluable Ganesh Murti (an idol of the elephant god) during the case of Joi Baba Felunath.(Photo: Orient BlackSwan) 08/8Twenty Stories, this collection of short stories by english Ray is translated by Gopa Majumdar.(Photo: Penguin; Orient BlackSwan) 02/8The book Complete Adventures of Feluda, feluda is one of Ray's favourite detective characters.Sabyasachi Chakraborty took over from Baksha Rahasya (1996) onwards.Feluda finds that out, in addition he finds out something more book a murder. Though feluda Feluda often teases his young cousin, he is extremely fond and very protective of him.

Panihati Yes Yes No Ebar Kando Kedarnathe Crime in Kedarnath Sharadiya Desh, 1984 Feluda, along with raider Jatayu and Topshe goes to Kedarnath, in the Himalayan belt, to stop a possible crime which can happen against a retired maverick chemist, Bhavani Upadhay.Usually, organizer a Feluda story would appear in the special Puja (an Indian festival) edition of walkthrough that magazine,.The mystery revolves around.In the next films directed by Ray's son, Sandip Ray, this character was played by Mohan Agashe, Rabi Ghosh, Anup Kumar and Bibhu Bhattacharya respectively.The edoc Cinema of Satyajit Ray: Between Tradition and Modernity.Baro Eker Pithe Dui Jobor Baro Short stories edit ankliya Pterodactyl-er serial Dim Bonkubabu'r Bondhu Master Ansumaan Anko Sir, game Golapi Babu O Tipu Shibu O Rakkhos-er Katha Spot-Light Rontur Dadu Sujon Harbola Taposher Jonaki Raton O Lokkhi Pikoo'r Diary Mayurkonthi Jelly Arjosekhor-er Janmo O Mrityu Kaagtaruya.Animation edit In 2010 an animated TV film produced by DQE Productions titled Feluda: The once Kathmandu Caper was produced and the rights were acquired by Disney Channel (India).Laxman Bari, an imaginary place near Bhutan border, 46 miles from New Jalpaiguri raider Railway Station Yes Yes No Joi Baba Felunath The Mystery of the Elephant God Sharadiya Desh, 1975 Feluda, his cousin Topshe and the thriller writer Jatayu visit Benaras during the Durga Puja.Hindi film star Rahul Bose speaks the leading role, with Anupam Kher voicing Lalmohan.Minor characters edit Srinath is the domestic help of Feluda and Topshe.Sandesh that Ray edited, beloved by both children and adults, appearing regularly in novellas and short stories until the author's death in the 1990s. .Formerly, they all used to live in Tara road, Kolkata. Topshe always takes an active part in Feluda's adventure.
Feluda goes to investigates and finds the man's wallet there.