If you can read my code, you can probably figure it out.
As with any mod, you use it at your own risk.
I haven't gffeditor tested it with Python.7.5, but any relatively recent version of wxPython should work.
File credits, all credit is as specified by the original author in the description and/or download.It also means that expanding a large list is noticeably slower the first time, likewise dragon with searches.There's also a Fast Save method that can be used that never parses the entire file, dragon and thus saves dragon much quicker, but also leaves old, unused data in the file.The savegame editor can edit your money and max items, stats of existing party members and their approval, gffeditor duplicate items in your backpack or party storage or edit their stack size, and move items from stores, chests, gffeditor or people in areas you've visited that you.Do not contact us with permissions dragon requests; we cannot speak for the original author. Pathfinder: dragon Kingmaker, darksiders III, spellForce 3, assassin's Creed: Origins.
Kingdom Come: Deliverance, eLEX, god of War (2018 cyberpunk 2077.

In other words, you can modify values, add new elements to lists, and change any referenced structures (set them null, instantiate them, and if the reference is generic, replace them with a sarah structure/value of your choosing).BioWare Continuity Network (BCN) is not reponsible for providing technical support for any BSN Projects dragon uploaded on an author's behalf.The GFF read/write module works.The Evil Within gffeditor 2, nioh: Complete Edition, cuphead.Only the GFF.1 reverse-engineering is my own work.Due to my experience with the Toolset's GFF editor (it sucks up a ton of RAM and crashes when editing any GFF of significant size I wrote an editor.This mod is not opted-in to receive Donation Points, i mportant:.4.9b fixed what is probably a severe bug with the handling of strings in Dragon Age 2 save files.Included is also a simple DA:O savegame editor.Criticism is welcomed, and always back up your files before you edit them!It also requires PyCrypto for reading encrypted resources from ERFs. The editor can also open GFF files from within.0,.2, and.0 ERFs, but cannot save them back into the ERF, and the.0 support is not complete.
Fallout: New California, pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire, devil May Cry.
There's also lazy GFF reader that doesn't parse data until it's needed.