Confirm install the specs, boot disk of install and choose Create.
Pros : Include additional resources on the drive that are required by your organization, install such as Combo Updaters, applications or settings.But luckily, I found a 16GB drive I'd lent install my wife awhile back and decided install to try to get the two versions of OS X encountered most frequently (10.7.8) onto the same 16GB USB drive.On this install window, click install Add (Plus sign on 3 CDs) at the top.Step 5: Now create a new hard disk for your VM, which depending on your needs should be around 20GB in size.Click the drop-down menu, selecting 1 partition.Not so easy anymore is it? Select, mac OS Extended (Journaled) for the format-type from the drop-down menu.

Requirements, this guide player should also work in Parallels and VMWare, but I chose VirtualBox this time around because its always free and runs on Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux.The process has not been tested with Restore DVDs and may not yield a reliable, Onstaller USB.Then find and add the OSX86 install iso you downloaded earlier.Step 8: Once the VM starts booting, hit F8 and type -v at the boot prompt so that you can see what exactly went wrong if something does go wrong.We showed you how to run Oion in a virtual machine on top of Snow Leopard, but it seems everyone wanted to know the opposite install of that: how to run Mac OS.6 Snow Leopard in a VM on top of Mac Oion.Soon the familiar Mac Onow Leopard setup screen will load to pick region settings and setup the virtual machine as any other new file Mac.The process may indicate in excess of one hour, but in my experience the process takes significantly less time to complete.Follow our instructions and youll be up and running in no time.If you are unable to move your mouse around then hit Right-Ctrl.After it boots up, you should now be running full Mac Onow Leopard in VirtualBox under.If you meet all these requirements, you can then install Onow Leopard as a VM under Windows to enjoy the best of both worlds.Once completed, the USB drive will be bootable and have the full installation of OS X on there to install from scratch and update systems, as needed.( Figure F ). .Guid Partition Table charts and click. .Then click Machine and Reset to restart file the. In Settings, click on Storage and then look under IDE Controller to remove the Snow Leopard install DVD, ISO, or DMG if you dont do install this, the VM will boot back into the installer rather than into Mac OS.6.
Click Continue and Agree, and then start Disk Utility found in Utilities menu at the top.
Remember, this being a writable drive offers some additional perks over read-only media with a few caveats as well.