os x mountain lion for windows 8

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Then install either one first and windows windows the other second.Once you have Win8 to your liking, boot with UniBeast and windows install Oountain Lion to the second partition.The.8.5 lion update is recommended for mountain all Oountain Lion users and improves the stability, compatibility, and security of your Mac.MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid-2009 or later (15-inch,.4/2.2 GHz (17-inch, Late 2007 or later).After partitioning your HDD in OS windows X disk utility (or your favorite 3rd party disk management tool you can install Mountain Lion and Win8 on the same HDD in any sequence and order: Install mountain Win8 first on first partition and then Mountain Lion on later.See ml, installing Win8, disconnect all drives except the Windows 8 drive-to-be.Installing Mountain Lion, disconnect all drives except the ML drive-to-be.Unfortunately, if it does this Chimera/Chameleon can't "see" the boot files.At the Chimera timeout screen you can hit a key to select the System Reserved icon, you can change the string value of the Timeout key in ist to 0 seconds (effect is same as Instant Menu) or you can install Instant Menu and. Installing on separate drives.
Note that drives larger than 1Tb still need a boot partition of less than 1Tb.
Install OS X first on the second or later partition and then install Win8 on the first partition.

Another is to disable uefi in the bios.You will find that your DVD shows up twice - lion architecture once mountain as windows sata and once as uefi.When installing on separate drives, installation order does not matter.Something you might also want to consider if installing on a SSD is installing your user / app data files hack to a separate HDD - see ml, if you want, reverse the procedure above and change the HDD/SSD format to OS X first and Win8.Basically get it ebook working well.One thing to keep in mind is if you install Mountain Lion first, then install Win8, the Win8 installer overwrites the boot files.Once crack your drive is partitioned, keytxt use UniBeast to install.The 3D Matrix. Now that the Chimera installer sees you have a Windows drive, it installs the bootMD instead of boot1H., installing Win8 and Mountain Lion on the same HDD.
Just partition the drive as you wish and procede.

In the ML installer disk utility, first select the drive in the left pane and the Erase button in the right pane.
You do not want the uefi.
For specific bios settings refer to your mainboard manual or to one of os x mountain lion for windows 8 the many threads in User Builds or Golden Builds forums.