Doing so will set your hard game drive's format preference as FAT32, which is compatible with PS3 architecture.
It's on the left side of the Finder window.
Sony will monoter the download and istallation, game so, if the game does not download or install properly, they wont charge you for the game.
To do so, either click File game in the top-left side of the page hard and then click New Folder, or tap the trackpad disk with two fingers and then click New Folder.Part 2 Formatting the Hard Drive on Mac 1 Plug the hard drive into your computer.You'll disk see the "Format" heading in the General group of information.15 Create four folders in your hard drive.7 Select Yes when prompted, then press.You're now ready to attach your hard drive to the PS3.If you have a Jailbreaked PS3, you can install online games (piracy is illegal but if it's an original hard PS3 then.You can delete anything you have moved onto the external drive.Community Q A Search Add New Question Question Will this allow to download, install, and play games directly to and from the external hard drive?Make sure your HDD is on fat32 format. Plug the formatted hard drive into your PS3.
3 Scroll left to select Settings.

Select Backup Utility, then select recovery Back.It's near the armada middle of the drop-down menu.This will take you to the hard drive selection page.Some Mac computers don't have tanks USB ports, although you can buy an adapter.Warnings If you lay your PlayStation 3 horizontally, do full not place the external full hard drive on tanks the right side where the exhaust fans are aimed.Doing so crack invokes a drop-down menu.You can also press the power button on the PS3 and the controller individually.Doing so begins the formatting procedure.Tips Consider purchasing autocad a large hard drive (e.g., one terabyte) so that you don't have to go back and purchase a new one at a later date.Click the, x in the top-right corner of the window to.3, type "this pc" into Start.Open System Settings in the "Settings" menu.To do so, connect the hard drive's USB cable to the PS3's USB port.If you want to add music, photos, or videos to your hard drive before attaching it to your PlayStation 3, place them in the appropriate folders (e.g., music goes in the music folder). If the problem persists, you may need to restore your PlayStation 3 system.

Individual game saves or other files may have become corrupted and will need to be deleted.
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