People are making a mistake when they say that this is a game.
Metascore 83, user Score.7, generally favorable reviews- based rainbow on 86 Ratings, summary: Command an elite, multinational squad of special operatives raven against a hidden terrorist foe.
It is the best in the series, and continues full with the same great gameplay that made us fall in love with it in the first place.God - Makes you invincible godteam - Makes you and your team invincible godhostage - Makes the hostages invincible; this command: 1 Yes 2 No godall - Activates rainbow all the god modes toggleUnlimitedPractice - Mission objectives are updated rainbow but game never ends toggleCollision - Allows.This is my favorite shooter of all time, quite realistic.Exploding bullet sound: Throw a WP grenade and switch back to your primary weapon as it explodes.Clearing rooms: To clear out a room, stand besides the door, as one of your teammates would have if you told him to clear out a room.Help out other players on the PC by adding a cheat or secret that you know!Turn around, and when the garage door opens, shoot the barrels on the right side with your primary weapon.A ragdoll physics full engine serves up some impressive death animations.Report problems with download.Expand, a serious thrill ride, shield if you play games online than you have to own this game.See all 18 User Reviews, related Articles). Andrew Harrison AKA full mad man.
No thanks to Ubisoft!
This game is pure tactics.

Expand, buy On, developer: Ubisoft Montreal, genre(s Action, Shooter, Shooter, First-Person, Tactical, Modern, Modern # of players: 1-16.Browse by PC Games someone Title: A, b C, d E, season f G, h I, j K,.Kill all enemies, secure the hostage, and the level will be completed.Going through the same obligatory missions raven again and again may be more faking than some can tolerate.This also makes the armor dessen more useful, as the vests are hit, instead of the helmet. Replace those lines with shield these ones.
The one that makes you want to faking feel every time you People are making a mistake when they say that this is a game.

Move back under the roof, reload you HE Grenade launcher, and wait until a second RPG is fired.
The replay value of the game is limitless, and the graphics are so realistic that I actually get a huge adrenaline rush within minutes.
I bought this game at Best Buy and the CD was corrupted (CRC error the tech support guy basically told me "Oh well, it's no longer in print" Fortunately, I found an rainbow six 3 raven shield full old ISO.