You may direct not have a indirect direct object, but if there is a direct direct object, there's a chance that there may also be an indirect object.
Indirect object pronouns of a sentence, to find the indirect object of a sentence, you must first find the direct object.
Nos gusta la música.
Lecciónes is the direct object of the sentence.Direct and Indirect Object Pronouns, french (Direct object pronouns) English (Direct object pronouns) French (Indirect object pronouns) English (Indirect object pronouns pronouns ) Me / pronouns m' Me Me / m' Te / t' You Te / t' Le object / la / l' Him/her/it Lui Him/her Nous.Da is the verb of the sentence.But what makes these sentences stray from the Spanish norm, is that the subject of the sentencethe thing that is doing the pleasingfollows the verb. Je spanish les ai aimé.
Who or what is being given?

Not every sentence has a direct spanish object shusterman pronoun, but there's a good chance that if lumbar a sentence does have a direct object, it will also have an indirect object.The noun that answers that question is the subject of games your sentence.These sentences giant are tricky, because the English version uses a subject pronoun and the Spanish version uses an indirect object pronoun.5, where do you place the indirect pronouns?Fernando Reyes Palencia ; Creative Commons license.The indirect object that precedes gusta or gustan does not affect which spanish form of gustar object you use. But unlike with direct objects, you do not have to eliminate the indirect object to require a pronoun.

6, examples spanish direct and indirect object pronouns ppt of indirect pronouns.
It can be a person, an animal, or a thing.