tamagotchi connection corner shop 2 codes

Botique 222362f, sushi Bar 222362fa 00000001, clinic, bowling.
Tamagotchi Connection: Corner Shop, also released for the Nintendo.
Once an outfit is bought you no longer need to keep paying for.
Each time the player serves a connection customer and is paid, the shop's reputation rises depending on their review.Playing with Princess Tamako The game is similar to when the player is using a saved file, only they cannot connection save data, and the only characters in this mode are the castle servants, Prince Tamahiko, the Gotchi Queen, and the unhatched Gotchi King.Some of corner the activities from the previous game have been upgraded in terms of features.Shops CAN BE purchased: Do NOT use with shops shop corner ARE unlocked owned codes!The game had sold 713,237 copies in the region by the end of 2006, making codes it the 14th best-selling game in Japan that year.Secret corner Codes, at the 'Main' menu go to 'CAare touch the 'Secret' tab and select 'Codes'.Bowling Alley, set up the bowling pins to ensure a time worthy of a perfect game!Music - Pick from 1 of 3 songs, each based on your partner.The player once again partners up with the same.Tamagotchi Connection: Corner Shop 2 features twelve playable shops that are played through screen interaction.The game begins with the player choosing a four-letter name, with the suffix codes "-tchi" automatically added to the end to define the player as a Tamagotchi, like the rest of the characters. Concert Hall 2223630c 00000001, fLight, sushi-Bowl, music Clinic 2223631e 00000001.
In the first game, before upgrading to the Metchi or Gotchi rank, the partner's father goes in disguise and shows up as a customer.

Shops ARE unlocked owned: Do NOT use with shops CAN BE purchased codes!Tamagotchi characters from the first game corner (.There are four shop levels: The first level is Puchi, which is the stage the shop is in when it is first bought, whereas the following levels are Metchi, Gotchi, and Royal.Make bouquets for happy occasions, parties, and more!In the predecessor, the player could press the start button to pause the game.Cake Shop 222362dc 00000002, flower shop Shop 222362e, gas smokey Station 222362e Burger Shop 222362ee 00000062f install Sushi Bar 222362fa Concert Hall 2223630c Sushi-Bowl Music Clinic 2223631e customer MAX shop visit codes:.001 Max smokey Visits All Shops d e703e7 robinson c c d.002 full Max Visits All Shops. Besides that, other differences include: Shops located in one town instead of three seperate towns.
The currency used in the game is called gotchi.