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Despite my enjoyment of hunger the 2012 movie, "THE hunger fire games", I must admit that I had regarded its sequel, "THE hunger games: catching fire" with a wary eye.
I had greatly enjoyed Elizabeth Banks' performance as Effie Trinket in the first movie.Mind you, they are just as imaginative and beautiful as the ones featured in the first film.Despite the tour and the installment of violent Peacekeepers in District 12 to crack down on any signs of rebellion, President Snow remains fearful games of Katniss being used as a symbol of any possible upheavals.This expanded visual really took fire me by surprise.Jena Malone was a hoot as the outspoken and aggressive female tribute from District 7, Johanna Mason.Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson hunger did superb jobs in continuing the development of their characters, Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mallark.Liam Hemsworth got a chance to develop his portrayal of Katniss' childhood best friend, Gale Hawthorne.Before they are scheduled to embark upon their victory tour of Panem, Katniss receives a visit from the tyrannical President Snow, who reveals that her actions in the recent Games have inspired rebellions across the districts.Another aspect of "catching fire" that took me by surprise, turned out to be its cinematography.The movie also featured some newcomers to the franchise.I thought she did a pretty good job, although I am at games a little loss over the fanfare regarding her performance.One particular scene in which Cinna endured a brutal beating over a dress he had created for Katniss proved to be a very painful one to watch, thanks to Kravitz and Lawrence's performances, along with the other Lawrence's direction.I suppose one could thank the movie's plot, which allowed viewers a look at the exclusive neighborhood of District 12, into which Katniss and Peeta moved following their victory at the 74th Games; the other country's districts, and the tropical environment that served as the. However, I do not remember the song.

Stanley wonder Tucci was marvelous as windows ever in his continuing portrayal of Caesar Flickerman, the windows Games' announcer and game commentator.But more importantly, Willems expanded the theme visual style of the Capitol.Toby Jones reprised his role as Flickerman's fellow commentator, Claudius Templesmith.It seemed deluxe as if he was in a hurry for the movie to focus on the 75th "Quarter Quell" ocean Hunger Games.I simply did not find it memorable.What is amazing about Hutcherson's performance is that theme he perfectly balanced Peeta's manipulative skills with his near all consuming love for Katniss and willingness to do anything for her.Someone once described Peeta as a saint.I was also a little disappointed in how Lawrence (the director) seemed to rush the first third of the movie - namely the sequence featuring Katniss and Peeta's victory tour and District 12's problems with the so-called Peacekeepers that culminated in Gale's beating.But due to their winnings, both now reside in upscale neighborhoods.Hemsworth, like Hutcherson, did an excellent job in balancing the different layers of Gale's personality - namely his love for Katniss and his ever-growing obsession with rebellion against President Snow and the Capitol. I understand that the song "Atlas written and performed by the group Coldplay have earned both Golden Globe and Grammy nominations.

Characters like Beetee Lasnier and Johanna Mason the hunger games catching fire legendas pt expressed their dismay or anger at being forced to participate in another Hunger Game during their pre-Game interviews with Caesar Flickerman.
As the only female victor from District 12, Katniss is naturally selected.
It struck me as a little choppy - especially in the movie's first half.