In VBA editor, insert a new module and paste this code into.
For RowNdx UBound(Arr, excel 1) 1 To excel UBound(Result, 1) For ColNdx LBound(Arr, 2) To UBound(Arr, 2) Result(RowNdx, ColNdx) FillValue Next ColNdx Next RowNdx Else ' ' Redim Result.If(A2 1000, A21,A2 now the timestamp above formula is normal, but the moment you write it in timestamp the cell A2, you have made it a circular formula.Now, close VBA editor and come back to your worksheet.Code copied from m/a/5480690/657668 Public Function IsDimensioned(vValue As Variant) As Boolean On Error Resume Next If Not IsArray(vValue) Then Exit Function Dim i As Integer i UBound(vValue) IsDimensioned mber 0 End Function In the appropriate Worksheet module, paste the following code.Thus we timestamp cannot use NOW as a time stamp.Select the cell Press shortcut key control 1 Select Custom Enter mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm in input box Click.killer idea.' If IsArray(Arr) False Then ExpandArray Null Exit Function End If ' Ensure the dimension is 1.If you want to use a formula to insert a timestamp, the perfect way is to use NOW function.' If AdditionalElements 0, return null.Whenever you enter data, you can formula tell excel enter timestamps.If not for formula this, excel would go in to an infinite loop and stall.We can still see the Time in fx box of the B2 cell.There are two different shortcuts to insert a date and a time. Do you know any other method timestamp to for this?
EnableEvents True End Sub Finally, in the ThisWorkbook module, paste the following code: Private Sub Workbook_BeforeClose(Cancel As Boolean) If IsDimensioned(funcInstances) Then reenUpdating False 'Store array on a new temporary and hidden worksheet.

Worksheets If me "temp Record of Timestamps" Then wsfound True Exit For End If Next ws If wsfound Then Set tstamps edRange funcInstances lue Application.From a honestech timestamp in technology milliseconds (ex: ) use this formula: A1/1000/ with this formater: yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss.000, from a timestamp in seconds (ex: ) use this formula: A1/ with this formater: yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss, where A1 is your column identifier.Steps to starry enable iterative calculation option: After that in the introduction cell B2, enter below formula: now when you enter any value in cell A2 the formula in cell B2 will return a timestamp.DisplayAlerts False lete Application.Note, this uses a function from.Im sure you also use it while working in Excel.With this, you dont need to enter a formula or even not to use any shortcut key.How serial to use this code, to use this code you can add it on QAT (quick access toolbar) and run ever time whenever honestech you need to add a timestamp.It returns the result ' array if successful, or null if an error occurred.Adding a timestamp is something we often do while working in Excel.Please state your any unresolved query in the comment box below.Here are the steps:.a simple dynamic method.In this post, youll learn how to create a timestamp in Excel using 5 excel different ways and we will try to figure out this is the best out of lets get started.Volatile True, dim i As Long, dim tmpArray As Variant. The only problem with it is that, when you press F9 or recalculate formulas, the now will be changed to reflect latest date and time.
Select, type of, date from, date option in, category.
Please follow below steps: Go to Developer tab and open VBA editor.

Chip Pearson's timestamp formula in excel 2010 tools for using arrays in VBA and function from a, stackOverflow answer by user Thomas.
One day the lady who was working as a reception coordinator came to me and asked: And quickly I realized that she was talking about a timestamp.
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