vlan configuration 802.1 q

Subinterface-number Specifies the subinterface on which ieee 802.1Q will be used.
Figure 15-1 Network Diagram Switch Configuration The following example show the commands that were entered on the 3512XL switch: Step 1 Set the privileged mode and vlan Telnet password on the switch.
vlan 3512xl# show int FastEthernet 0/1 switchport Name: Fa0/1 Switchport: Enabled Administrative mode: trunk Operational Mode: trunk Administrative Trunking configuration Encapsulation: isl Operational Trunking Encapsulation: isl Negotiation of configuration configuration Trunking: Disabled Access Mode vlan: 0 (Inactive) Trunking Native Mode vlan: 1 (default) Trunking vlans Enabled: ALL configuration Trunking vlans.When you use a mask configuration to subnet a network, that mask is referred to as a subnet mask.Similarly, create vlan 20 for Department B, and configure the description as Department-B.3512xl# show vtp status VTP Version : 2 Configuration Revision : 0 Maximum vlans supported locally : 254 Number of existing vlans : 6 VTP Operating Mode : Transparent VTP Domain Name : VTP Pruning Mode : Disabled VTP V2 Mode : Disabled VTP Traps Generation : Disabled MD5 digest : 0xC3 0x71 0xF9 0x77 0x2B 0xAC 0x5C 0x97 Configuration last modified by at :00:00 show vlan Command This command tells you what L2 or L3 information. Figure 3-3 Creating vlan 20 for Department B 3)Choose the menu L2 features vlan 802.1Q vlan Port vlan Config to load the following page.

Switch(config hostname 3512xl 3512xl(config enable password mysecret autocad 3512xl(config line vty 0 4 3512xl(config-line lion login 3512xl(config-line password mysecret 3512xl(config-line exit 3512xl(config no logging console 3512xl(config Z Step 2 Set the IP address and default gateway for vlan1 for management purposes.This section documents the configuration tasks for each protocol supported with ieee 802.1Q biology encapsulation.On the router, configure vlan1 as the native vlan.Step 2 Router(config-if encapsulation dot1q vlan-identifier Defines the encapsulation format as ieee 802.1Q and specifies the vlan identifier.The serial standard provides only a per-port vlans solution for untagged frames.Command Task Step 1 interface FastEthernet slot/binterface-number 1 Specify the subinterface on which ieee 802.1Q will be used.3512xl# lion show vlans vlan Name Status Ports default active game Fa0/3, Fa0/4 2 vlan0002 active Fa0/0 1002 fddi-default active 1003 token-ring-default active 1004 fddinet-default active 1005 trnet-default active.(output suppressed) show vlan-switch Command Use the show vlan-switch command on the fesmic interfaces to verify that the interface (port) belongs to the correct vlan.All: The port will accept both the tagged packets and the untagged packets. C2600(config-subif encapsulation dot1Q projector 1 native On the switch, if you have a native vlan other than vlan1, on the router, configure the same vlan to be the native vlan, by using the above command.