User limit: You server may limit how many users can connect to sharing the share at any given time.
Caching: This feature allows the client to store a server local copy of data accessed in the share.
The options are listed below: Share name: You need to give the share a name.Then sharing click OK to close all the dialog boxes.The Select Users or Groups dialog box appears.Teams can monitor their company website for domain integrity, security, and potential malicious activity with SiteSafe Monitor.Know that you can only share folders or printers; you cannot actually share a file windows specifically. Physical service server 00-0C-29-D9-13-10, dHCP No, iP Subnet default Second VM of NT: Windows IP Configuration, host Name.:exdata2, dNS Servers.: Node sharing Netbios Scope.: IP Routing Enabledd.:No, wINS Proxy Enabled.:No, netbios Resolution Uses DNS :No.

Click the check box beside File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks to enable it and click.Permissions: Clicking the Permissions button allows you mountain to set permissions on the share.If File and Printer Sharing isn't listed, click transferring the Install button to install the service.Users cannot change permissions on the share with museo the Change permission.Add specific users to the permissions list by clicking the Add button.All NT-based products, such as Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003, have File and Printer Sharing enabled world by default.The Expert Concierge is available to ensure a smooth on-boarding process and provide ongoing assistance for the whole team.To allow users to access a file from across the network, file you have to place the file in a folder and then share that folder.Hi sainath, Actually i try it on the virtualization, have not setup the network.You set permissions to control which users can modify data in the share and which ones can simply read information in the share.This is the name that will be referred to by users who want to connect to the share.Click Add to return to the Permissions dialog box.Comment: This is an optional description of the share that displays in Windows when the user views the list of shares in Detail view. Right-click your local area connection and choose Properties.
To set a user's permissions, select one normal of the following permissions for that user: There are three different permissions that you can assign to a user when dealing with shares: Full Control: The Full Control permission allows a user to read and change the contents.
But when it comes to shared folder, the problems happen with, other fonte VM trying to access the shared folder in window server 2003.

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Wins Proxy Enabled.:No, ethernet adapter Local Area Connection : Connection-specific DNS Suffix : Description VMware windows server 2003 file sharing service Accelerated AMD PCNet Adapter.